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(Antique Tools and Parts of all trades) Pete Niederberger Email: (Antique Tools and Parts - Bought and Sold) Woodworking with Ron, Columbus, Ohio "How-to woodworking seminars from a master housewright!" Tool sharpening extraordinaire! Simply the BEST.

Woodworking Hand Tools (tools-n-talk)(Stan Faullin)

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Rare Woods USA
Located in Mexico, Maine, a fine source of rare and exotic woods from South Africa and South America.
Interesting article from "Rare Woods"
Interview with a woodworker
Basic Safety tips for Woodworkers {Thanks to "Teens4Safety"
Building With Wood: Tips and More (Suggested by Aubrey Weaver)
From small projects to enhance the home to larger carpentry jobs such as building furniture, this is a skill that is easier to pursue than one might think. Great info for new DIY builders.
Hardware Resources:  All About Woodturning  (suggested by Tracy Bennings)
"Home Improvement Projects With Woodworking
{Thanks to "The woodworking class of Colorado"}
Good morning!
We wanted to say thank you for your page,,
all the way from Colorado! The kids from my Technology Club found your resources to be so helpful while they are learning all about woodworking! C. N. 2014

"A Timeline of Woodworking Tools" For visitors who would like learning more about the history of woodworking tools Family Woodworking Projects for Your Workbench
Working with your hands can be very satisfying, especially when your projects result in something you can use and enjoy around the house. Woodworking is one hobby that can encompass simple tasks or extremely involved skills, depending on the types of projects you tackle. The art of taking basic wooden boards, cutting them, and then assembling them into furniture or other items can be exciting for anyone. Even kids can engage in woodworking, and when they learn these skills during childhood, they will often continue to use them into adulthood. Spending time as a family is always a good thing, and when ou can work together on a woodworking project, it’s all the better.
Brisbane Roofing Solutions (Thanks to Samantha in Ms. Lopez's class)
As a valued customer you receive a complete range of roofing services along with additional services
including guttering repairs and exterior house painting services. Brisbane Roofing Solutions has also been voted
one of the Top Three Roofing Contractors in Brisbane for the 3rd year running!


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Powertools.Org (UK)
Desc:  Supplier of power tools, equipment, screws and all other 
products used by the building and related industries tradesmen.

Tek Screws
Description: Supplier of power tools instruments, fixings and all other 
products used by the building and related industries tradesmen.

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